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                         Kingston Lake Missionary Baptist Association

                       3410 Church Street, PO Box 716

                        Loris, South Carolina 29569

                                         Rev. Thessalonia Graham, 19th Moderator                                                                  


  The Kingston Lake Missionary Baptist Association is a caring, diverse, Spirit-filled fellowship of Christians from all backgrounds, who have been transformed by the wonderful saving grace of Jesus Christ and have committed ourselves to share His love with others.  Indeed, we truly believe, that "We are Christians called to minister life to people, families communities, and the world in the power of the Spirit."

  We are a people who believe in the God of the Bible and have embraced the salvations provided through His Son, Jesus Christ.  We believe God is at work today through the power of God's Holy Spirit, and we are eager to share God's love with you.  The Kingston Lake Missionary Baptist Association is the place where everybody is somebody and no one is a stranger, because you indeed belong here!


  1. Baptist Training Union (Baptist Church History Associational History Baptist Church  Membership, etc)

  2. Evangelism Workshop/Training

  3. Christian Education

  4. Sunday School, Certification Programs

  5. Leadership Training

  6. Collaborated Workshops/Training/Conferences with Churches and Auxiliaries

  7. Developing Christian Ministries

  8. Church Administration/Roles of Officers/Church Staff

  9. Church Finance


  1. Home/Foreign

  2. Prison Ministries

  3. Food/Clothing Banks

  4. Energy Assistance Program

  5. Benevolence (Sickness, Death, Burnouts, etc...


Church Focus

  1. Church support of Association Budget (100%) one hundred percent

  2. Increase Church Enrollment and attendance with State E & M Convention and it's Auxiliaries

  3. Enrollment with National Baptist Convention

  4. District Meetings with Churches

  5. Each Church to Sponsor a "Morris College Day" Fourth Sunday in July with at least $100.00

  6. Retirement/Health Benefits for Pastor/Church Staff

  7. Church Websites


  1. Kingston Lake Newsletter (Quarterly)

  2. Kingston Lake Website

  3. Habitat for Humanity Sponsor

  4. Food/Clothing Bank

  5. KLMBA Credit Union

  6. Senior Citizen Retirement

  7. Charter School

  8. Wellness Health Program

  9. Collaborated Workshops/Conferences/Training with Churches and Auxiliaries

  10. Radio/TV Ministries

  11. Youth Camp Programs

  12. Recreation Programs

  13. Adult Education Programs

  14. Tutorial Programs

  15. Grants/Faith Based Funds


  1. Development of Headquarters Building (First Priority)

  2. Debt Retirement within 5 to 10 years

  3. Development of other Kingston Lake Properties

  4. Purchasing of Additional Property

  5. Marketing of Kingston Lake Logo (Pens, Fans, Lapel Pens, Stickers, and etc...)


  1. Development of Media Ministries for each Church

  2. Enhancing KLMBA and it's Churches ability to accept payment by Credit Card

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